Play Online Roulette at Jackpot City

Roulette means "little wheel" in French, and spinning a small wheel is exactly what this exciting game is all about!
Roulette, first played in the aristocratic houses of 18th-century France, has lost none of its sophistication in the process of becoming more widespread. The versions of online roulette that we feature at Jackpot City are some of the very best available anywhere.
One of the main reasons for that is that all of our games, including our roulette titles, are powered by Microgaming. This award-winning software developer is admired by industry insiders and has been around since 1994. Every game that it creates is completely immersive and crafted to perfection, and the offering of online roulette games is no exception.

Online Roulette Advantages


Playing roulette at Jackpot City means you never have to wait for a spot at the table, and the games are available to you at any time of the day or night. Online roulette also tends to go more quickly than offline games, and with the faster pace, you can play more in a shorter space of time.
We’ve also got more Roulette varieties on offer than you might be able to find in a single brick-and-mortar casino, and we allow you to play in demo mode to practice and develop your strategy. When you’ve developed some skills and confidence, you can start playing to experience top online entertainment.

How Roulette Works


In every game of roulette, a ball is dropped onto a spinning wheel. The wheel has different numbered segments, and you need to bet on where the ball will be when the wheel comes to rest. There are alternately coloured black and red panels that are labelled 1 to 36, and then one or two green panels labelled 0 and 00, respectively, depending on which version you are playing.
You can place all kinds of different wagers, including on the colour of the panel that the ball will finish up in and whether the number of the segment will be odd or even. You can also bet on the ball landing within a specific number range or on the exact number of the panel it will land in.
The more specific you are, the higher the risk, but the higher the rewards. It just depends on how lucky you’re feeling at the time!

Online Roulette at Jackpot City


At Jackpot City, we’ve got American, European, and French versions of the game lined up for you, as well as multi-player, multi-wheel, progressive jackpot, and live dealer roulette! There’s a style to suit every skill level and mood.
We recommend starting with the European or French versions of the game, since they only have a single green panel on the wheel and thus a lower house edge. The second green panel, labelled "00," is introduced in the American game and raises the house edge a little, so you might want to master the basics of the game before you try this.

Quality Online Roulette Entertainment


Practice in the no-deposit demo play mode, and then when you’re ready, you can start placing real stakes. As you get more and more comfortable with the game, you might want to add more excitement with multi-player and multi-table games before moving onto the progressive jackpots that can award life-altering amounts of cash and the thrilling live dealer games.
Here you’ll have a professional croupier spin the wheel and throw the balls for you rather than a high-quality animation and Random Number Generation to simulate this effect. This happens in real time, and you can watch it on the screen of your computer. It’s as close to sitting in a live casino as it is possible to get when playing online, and it is immersive and involved enough to make you forget anything else that is going on around you.

Developing Your Online Roulette Strategy


You should take full advantage of our top-quality no-deposit online roulette games at Jackpot City and do as much research as you can into different tactics to try out. The more time you spend in the world of roulette, the more you will discover, and the more you will want to test out and apply. To start off with, it’s a good idea to try the Martingale Strategy for Roulette.
This entails you doubling your bets when you are losing and halving them when you are winning. It can seem quite counterintuitive at first, but when you try it, you’ll easily be able to see firsthand how the system works. If you stick to it, you could start winning again after a losing streak and be able to recoup your losses.
This is a clear example of taking into account the element of chance that is present in all roulette games and should help you stay cool under pressure. It’s actually a good rule of thumb to keep this randomness in mind whenever you are thinking about your roulette strategy and making adjustments or refinements.
As a new player, it's also a good idea to stick to less risky bets, even money bets, until you've gained some experience and a better understanding of the game. These include the 1st/2nd, 18, Odd/Even, and Red/Black wagering options.

Start Spinning the Online Roulette Wheel


If you’re ready to begin your online roulette adventures, Jackpot City is the perfect place to do so!
Sign up with us and open your account, and then check out the different options in the game. When you’ve found the one you want to play for real money, claim your welcome bonus or make a deposit in your casino account to get another match or percentage deposit bonus.
This will increase your bankroll further so that you can place decent bets and then enjoy winning a whole lot more. Don’t forget to check out the progressive jackpot, multi-player, and multi-wheel games we have on offer, or, when you feel like the ultimate in spinning thrills, the live dealer games!